Bay Area High School Beach League


The 2022 season has officially started as of 2/14/22. Now that the sport is an official CIF sport, there will be a few schools that are uptaking the official CIF format, while the balance of schools will remain under our club format described on this page. The date for the club finals in Santa Cruz is 5/8/2022.

Here are some key links to documents that will help you.

  1. List of all schools we are tracking, what league they are playing in (Norcal Club vs CIF), and key contacts to set up duel matches. Google sheet list here

  2. Report 2022 season duel results using this google form.

  3. View 2022 season results from all schools here. Allow some delay for transfer of results from google form to results data set.

  4. List of multi-school duel events hosted by Mike Inglis and Half Moon Bay High. Click here.

  5. Further details about the 2022 season can be found here on the page managed by Barry Peters:

  6. Scroll to the bottom of this webpage to read more about the points system that will track league performance and seed our season finale tournament.


The 2021 Season closed out May 2, 2021. The finals were held at Ocean Beach where we started the day with 5mph winds, ended with about 25. Half Moon Bay gets lots of practice in the wind and it showed. Top results of the tournament were:

1st: Half Moon Bay

2nd: Pleasant Valley (Chico)

3rd: Aragon

4th: Redwood

5th: Notre Dame, Alameda

7th: Los Gatos, Central Catholic

Beach Volleyball was recently approved as an official HS girls sport by the CIF. This is a key step to it becoming a HS sport at our schools in N. CA. More info here.

The 2021 season was abbreviated. League play Results are posted here.

For an updated list of all schools participating, click here. If your school is not on this list, and you would like it added. Reach Todd Sears (

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