BeachVB Events is a site where you can get information about all Jr. Beach Events . BeachVB is also the promoter and host of Jr. Beach Events held mostly at 3 locations, Santa Cruz Main Beach (16 courts), West Valley College (6 courts), and Notre Dame HS Belmont (4 courts). BeachVB events are unique in the following ways:

  1. Registration: Initial sign up does not require a partner. You can deal with that later. This policy allows you to sign up, hold a spot and then sort out the partner thing later. Same reg form for all BeachVB events is here: .

  2. Top Level Competition: Starting in 2021, each event will hold some spots for top players based on AVP points. This will further increase the level of competition for events this coming season.

  3. Who's Playing? All BeachVB events publish the full list of players from the time of the first registration. I believe both players and parents want to know who is playing. A published player list indicates the level of play expected, lets everybody see who is already partnered (making finding a partner easier), and lets everybody know if enough players are expected. You can find the players list for BeachVB events here.

2021 Events

  • The dates are all on the all Tournaments list. You can find a filtered list of all BeachVB hosted events at this link. or clicking the image below. Check back here soon for event specific pages.