BeachVB Events is a site where you can get information about all Jr. Beach Events and High School Beach. BeachVB is also the promoter and host of Jr. Beach Events held mostly at 3 locations, Santa Cruz Main Beach (16 courts), West Valley College, Saratoga CA (6 courts), and Notre Dame HS Belmont (4 courts). BeachVB events are unique in the following ways:

  1. Registration: Initial registration does not require a partner. You can deal with that later. This policy allows you to sign up, hold a spot and then sort out the partner thing at another time. Starting in 2021, we are moving our registration to the platform. You'll find BeachVB events on that page here: To register, you click on the event, then find the age group, then click the sideways triangle next to the price. To add your partner at a later time, click here for instructions.

  2. Covid 19 Registration: Covid 19 is still a concern, and this increases the risk the event may be cancelled if the event site can't be secured or the situation worsens. During this period, all registrations are going to the waitlist. This allows us to take names, but hold up from charging you until we are more certain the events will run. The event will say Full, but it is not. Just add your name/team to the registration list. You will be asked to provide your credit card details, but you won't be charged until you are moved off the waitlist, and we'll only do this when it is more clear the event will run. We will mostly run 4 and 3 team pools while in Covid 19 protocol.

  3. Covid 19 Safety Protocols:

    1. Check temperature of athletes at checkin

    2. No more than 2 fans per player.

    3. Masks by all fans and players at all times except when playing.

    4. Online score input (no clipboards and pool sheets)

  4. AVP Events: At this time, all BeachVB events are sanctioned by AVP America. This means you need to have a valid AVP number to register. An AVP membership on its own costs $24 per year, and is good for all AVP events (AVP America, AVP Firs, AVP Next) for one year. Normally, you can pick up a free AVP membership when you sign up for or renew you CBVA membership. However, as of Feb 2021, it appears that CBVA is not renewing old memberships, but perhaps is taking new memberships. If you can't get or renew your CBVA membership, your only route to renew/activate your AVP membership is from the AVP site here. This means you will also spend an additional $35 to join CBVA if you choose to do that later. Most of my events are AVP 1 or 2 star events. The AVP program guide here has more info on how bids are awarded based on the event star rating.

  5. Top Level Competition: Starting in 2021, each event will hold some spots in Girls 16U and 18U for top players based on AVP points. This will further increase the level of competition. Exactly how many courts allocated to each age group will flex for each event depending on where the early demand is. For example, if I have only 4 teams of 14U boys registered, and I am way over subscribed in 14U Girls, I will cancel the boys and allocate courts to the girls. For an evolving view of how I am planning to allocate courts and spots to 1st comers vs. AVP points, check this document. If you are signing up for an age group that often has trouble getting the numbers, (Boys and 12U girls), promote early registration to your friends. It may be what saves your age group.

  6. Who's Playing? All BeachVB events publish the full list of players from the time of the first registration. I believe both players and parents want to know who is playing. A published player list indicates the level of play expected, lets everybody see who is already partnered (making finding a partner easier), and lets everybody know if enough players are expected to run an age group. Most age groups will require at least 8 teams to run. Some exceptions will be made. The players list is on the event registration page. See #1 above.

BeachVB 2021 Events

  • The dates are all on the N. CA Tournaments list, and on You can find a filtered list of all BeachVB hosted events at this link. or clicking the image below.